Pie.  You love pie.  I love pie.  We all love pie.  So we are having a pie sale.  We are going to say our motivation to buy pie is because all the proceeds go directly to the LJHS Parent Club to purchase items for the school like the Art Lit kiln and supplies, iPads, Chromebooks, projectors, Smartboards, an electric piano for band and so much more. 

But you and I know the real reason.  It’s because we simply love pie.  Apple pie. Cherry-Crunch pie. Marionberry pie. Raspberry-Rhubarb pie.  Pumpkin Chiffon pie.  We also love handmade cobblers, fruit bags and mini pies.  We also love how the pies come frozen so we can have pie ANY. TIME. WE. WANT.  Pie in the morning.  Pie in the evening.  Pie afterschool.  Pie for Thanksgiving.  Pie for the Holidays.  Pie to ring in the New Year.  Pie for Valentine’s Day. 

So clear out your freezer and make room for pie, because they will be here on Tuesday afternoon, November 25. 

Your online order or paper order (the form that came home with your kiddo) with check made out to "LJHS Parent Club" are due on Monday, November 10th

Don’t wait to order because you will be very sad on November 11 if you didn’t order pie and I did.  It will be too late. You will be jealous of all my delicious pies when they are delivered.  You will try to invite yourself over to my house “to help me put away all the pies I ordered,” but I know what you are up to. 

So save yourself some huge tears and order your pies now.  And remember…

”It’s for the kids!”